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Studio Avenir Barcelona (Travessera de Gracia 217, Barcelona)


Seylan Kandak questions mediums of painting and photography for their potential to create a dialogue with the audience. Her installations offer a multitude of media: digital collages of his own photographic images, drawings, oil and scratch paintings, ready-made objects as well as assemblages, sculptures, etc. The artist tells stories mixing the real and the imaginary. Her work always serves her research into the relationship between memory, fiction and reality. Kandak is looking for fragmented presentation devices in dialogue with her subjects. ​


Born in Istanbul, the French-Turkish artist Seylan Kandak lives and works in Barcelona. After being resident artist at Nauart Barcelona, she is currently co-owner artist of Studio Avenir Barcelona. Kandak is graduated in photography and continued her education in France with a DEA in photography and multimedia at the University of Paris8. In 2019 she obtained a Master of Fine Arts with honours from the University of Sorbonne Paris1.


In 2022 her participative installation, Ephemeral Sculptures was exhibited at Can Framis Museum, Villa Casas of Barcelona during the European Museum's Night and her canvas, Correccion del Azar was selected to be exhibited for the Centelles Contest of Painting 2022. ​ Recently, she was invited to show her work in Centre Civic Cotxeres Borrel de Barcelona for a solo show from 20th of april to 20th of May 2023.

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